Mobile Data

All data now with a 3 Month Data roll over on unused data.

Product Description  

1 GB Mobile Data


2 GB Mobile Data

R 139.00

3 GB Mobile Data

R 199.00

4 GB Mobile Data

R 299.00

6 GB Mobile Data

R 399.00

8GB Mobile Data

R 499.00

10GB Mobile Data

R 599.00

Unused Data Roll over (3 Months)


No Out of Bundle Cost


MTN Sim Cards Accept

Always Unshape and LTE Ready

 Great For MTN Subscribers

 National Coverage

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Get connected in days, not weeks, with our awesome Fixed Mobile Data solution. With this snazzy Huawei B315 LTE Router you can easily hook up your entire household to blisteringly fast broadband internet.

No Landline required. No dealing with Telkom.

All our Mobile data works on a Pro-rata base.

Pro-rata means 'a portion'. Your bill will be prorated, where you will be charged a portion of your plan and receive a portion of your plan's included value when you; 

  • First activate your service 
  • Upgrade your service 
  •    Rate plan change
  • Cancel your service 

If you make a change part way through your bill cycle, such as changing to a new plan or upgrading, the pro-rata amounts for both plans are combined so you pay for and receive a total included value to use for the month. 

Included data is not subject to pro-rata, which means you will always receive the full included monthly data that comes with your plan.

This means that your next bill might look a little different as it will reflect those changes due to pro-rata billing. Unless you have received your final bill, any future bills will show a normal monthly charge and you'll receive a full month of plan inclusions.


ZTE MF65 Mobile Hotspot 3G Mobile WiFi Router

                        Huawei B315 Wi-Fi LTE Router            ZTE K4201-Z Modem Dongle

ZTE MF65 Mobile Hotspot 3G Mobile WiFi Router, HSPA+ Speed: DL 21.6Mbps/UL 5.76Mbps- Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, 10 Wi-Fi connections, Battery: 1500mAh, Retail Box 

R 699.00

Hawei B315Hawei B315                                                                                            Huawei B315 Wi-Fi LTE Router, D150Mbps, U 50Mbps, 4G/LTE, 3G, 2G, 802.11b/g/n, Internal/External Antenna, Retail Box, 1 year Limited Warranty   

                                 R 2699.00

ZTE K4201-Z Modem Dongle-UMTS: 900/2100MHz; EGPRS/GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz- HSPA: DL/UL 21.6/5.76Mbps, Retail Box        

R 499.00

For Mobile data usage and account adjustments. Please visit your Control Panel

Mobile Data


Mobile DataMobile Data

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Uncapped ADSL Data


Capped DSL

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Capped ADSL Data


Uncapped ADSLUncapped ADSL

Capped ADSL is affordable and unshaped DSL


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